Chances of Lumpy/rippling of Liposuction on a Small Area?

Hi ! I'm 21 years old, I weigh 129lbs and I'm 5"7. I'm having liposuction on my lower abdomen and my love handles on Wednesday. My doctor said he is using the super wet tumescent technique. I'm worried that my stomach will look like Tara Reid's since it is not a lot amount of fat. What are the chances with this lipo technique ?

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Rippling After Tumescent Liposcution

     The super wet technique vs. the tumescent technique with regard to rippling - no real data.  Rippling is probably affected by technique, size of cannulae used, thickness of fat layer, amount suctioned, and proper postoperative care including wearing compression garments as instructed and getting seromas drained in a timely fashion.

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