What Are the Chances of Laser Hair Removal Not Working?

I am 18 years old and of Persian descent, and I've been plagued with the worst possible body hair a 'normal' girl can get, and so I'm planning on getting laser hair removal all over. (the hair isn't thick, it's just long and dark and abundant.) Laser hair removal in the UK is very expensive so I would like to know what the chances are that I'll end up with over 50% regrowth, and the chances that there will be 90% or more regrowth, before I spend my life savings.

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Laser hair removal in dark skin

depending on your skin color, a longer wavelength may be needed than that used on a light-skinned individual, and the longer wavelength may be less effective but would have less risk of complications. It would be very difficult to say what percent of your hair would remain or regrow after a series of hair removal sessions with laser.

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