Chances of CO2 Laser Resurfacing Causing Scarring?

Four days ago, I received Fraxel Repair, in addition to CO2 spot treatment. The doctor made about 20 pencil point holes on my cheeks with the CO2. They appear to be very slowly closing up, but are still very noticeable and red. I know it's still early, but I'm getting scared the CO2 will leave permanent dents or look like enlarged pores. I didn't think the areas he treated with CO2 were that bad to begin with, I don't know why he treated those areas, but I'm scared they'll look worse now. What are the chances of it permanently scarring?

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CO2 laser scarring

Certainly the CO2 laser can scar your skin- after all similar lasers are used industrially to cut metal! However, I believe that in the right hands a CO2 laser can produce the best possible results in laser skin smoothing.

Please see your surgeon and let him/her address your concerns. Don't feel bashful speaking up. It's your face. It's good money you paid to have your surgeon care for you! You need to be reexamined/ reassured .

Albany Plastic Surgeon
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CO2 and Fraxel Repair laser for acne scarring

Please see your physician in person so they can address your concerns. As they saw your scars before the procedure they would be best able to comment and tell you that either everything is heading in the right direction, or if they are concerned about your healing. It is only a few days and there is progress that occurs for most people over months after surgery, but if you have a concern, you should see your doctor and ask them right away.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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