What Are the Chances That my Breast Will Grown After Surgery?

I am 20yrs old have always had large breasts. I recently had my daughter 7 months ago, and my breasts are just continually growing. I have always considered breast reduction for the fear that I will continue getting larger. As of right now I an 38G and I want to go back down to a DD. My question is if I decide to get the surgery, what are the chances that my breast will once again grow??

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Breast growth after reduction

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At 20, your breast size sholdl be fairly stable if your weight is stable. If you gain weight after a reduction surgery, the breasts may indeed enlarge.

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Recurrent breast growth after breast reduction

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Recurrent breast growth after breast reduction will depend on weight gain, hormone status (endogenous or exogenous), pregnancy, nursing, menopause, etc.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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