Chance of Success from Second Course of Accutane?

I took Accutane for 5 months when I was 19 at 70mg a day and my acne returned just as bad 6 months after. Im know 21 would accutane actually work this time or will it just come back as bad again?

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Chance of sucess from a second course of Accutane

There are many variables with Accutane, but 85% of people have success with the first round of Accutane. Your second round should be a lower dose for a shorter amount of time; this is generally the case with second rounds. I have prescribed Accutane for nearly 30 years. When the proper dosage is given, in the right amount of time, and patients are compliant with the regimen, Accutane is a great drug with a great outcome, and the only medication that truly cures acne.

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