Chance of infection forehead post mohs surgery?

I had mohs surgery 1 wk ago and the incision is HUGE. I surfed the internet and cannot find one even close...They couldn't graft or stitch because they said the cancer is so extensive that I have to have either radiation or a new pill called vismodegib (erivedge). I HAVE A HUGE HOLE IN MY FOREHEAD. What do you suggest?

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Post Mohs Surgery Infection?

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It sounds as if you must have basal cell carcinoma if this is an adjunct drug treatment being entertained. It also sounds as if this was a very large cancer. I would stay in close contact with your Mohs surgeon, as you will likely need follow up exams and additional treatments to help you clear the remainder of this tumor.

Chance of infection post Mohs surgery

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Erivedge is used for advanced basal cell cancers which mean they are larger, have recurred, or other issues. This medication is often used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, like Mohs. Often times Mohs sites are left to close on their own - this is called by secondary intention - when the site is large or there's simply not enough skin to pull it closed with sutures. A skin graft to the forehead is also not often done. Follow your surgeon's guidelines closely to avoid infection. I see my Mohs patients, especially those who I leave the site to close by secondary intention, every few days while it's healing up. If you have any concerns or questions, see your surgeon.

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