Is There a Chance for Improvement Through Breast Augmentation Revision?

My Implants were positioned too low on my chest wall. The scars are too low as well. I dont feel comfortable with the shape and the size of the implants, i want to go bigger. But I really worry about the scars coming out of the breast fold, if the implants are seated up higher. Is there a chance of improvement if i get revision surgery?

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Implant revison and replacement : GOING UP!

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This is only a guess but I assume your creases were low or nearly non-existent to begin with. Looking at your breast this implant is near the upper limits of your breast diameter. IF oyu go with a hihger profile implant, it could pull the scar upwards on your chest but I am not sure if that is what you desire. You state that the scars ar too low but then you comment that you fear a revision would lift htem above the crease? I would agree with others in the recommendation for a capsulorrhaphy wiht prolonged post operative wear of a support garment

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Bottomed out implants

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I recommend a capsulorraphy to close off the bottom part of the implant pocket and raise the implants.  Your breasts will look and feel better.  It's SUPER important to wear a really well fitting underwire bra for two weeks day and night after the surgery so the lower part of the pocket will close off and not reopen due to the weight and force of the implants.  Gravity never sleeps!  Don't go bigger.  The bigger the implants the more weight pushing down and the more likely having problems with recurrent bottoming out.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Bottoming out after breast implant surgery

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Your post lacks important information required in order to give you a proper response. What was your size before surgery, what size and type of implants were placed and were they placed under or on top of the muscle? If they were placed on top of the muscle the simplest solution is move them under the muscle. The muscle will then help hold them higher on the chest wall. Either way it is strongly recommended that you do not replace these with bigger implants. If they are significantly bigger there is a good chance they will migrate significantly more down the chest towards the abdomen.

The end result depends to some degree on the breast tissue to implant ratio. The more breast tissue you have relative to implant the more natural the result and feel become.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmenation revision

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To raise both implants, it would require tightening the lower pole of the pockets with stitches. The problem is, that if you go bigger, the suture may not support the weight of the larger implants, so recurrence is always a risk. I agree that the implants look too low, however the appearance is still quite attractive and symmetric. Make sure your plastic surgeon is confident that the benefit in undergoing a revision outweighs the risks. 

Capsulorrhaphy will give you better shape

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Your breast appearance will be much better with internal stitches placed in the lower part of the pocket to lift the implants (capsulorrhaphy).  The scars may or may not come below the fold, but if they weren't made below your original fold, they shouldn't drop below now.  Breast augmentation tends to lower the fold slightly, and an incision in the fold usually stays just above the fold afterward.  Rarely would some stitches need to be placed to support the dermis and recreate a new fold.

Revision Possible For Better Result

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After looking at your pictures, a revision should work nicely for you.  If you keep the fold stable or even raise it a little, in combination with a larger implant, this can place more of the implant superiorly and higher on the chest wall.  The scar should sit at the fold, but provide more implant in the upper chest area.   Revisions are always more difficult then an initial breast augmentation, so find a plastic surgeon that is comfortable with doing revision surgery.

Revision will help

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The position of the implants are too and your inframammary fold lowered too much. The revision surgery will help to give you more natural look. Please do not ask your surgeon for bigger implants. They are too big already for your chest.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation Revision

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Revisions in augmentations are difficult.  Your best solution would be undergo a capsulorraphy of the inferior portion of the breast capsule to raise the implants to a higher position.  I would not recommend larger implants as this would likely lead to a recurrence of your existing problem.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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