Any Chance Implants Can Have an Effect on a Persons Heart, One That is in Good Condition?

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Breast implants have no effect on a healthy heart.

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Breast implants have been studied intensely for many years and there is no association implants and any systemic health problems.  They have been around for decades and it is clear that we would have pretty good information about negative effects by now.  Nevertheless, the profession continues to monitor women with implants and there is always the remote chance that we may some day find something.  I doubt it, however.

Breast implants affects on the heart

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In general, breast implants will not effect a patients heart under normal circumstances. However, if you have concerns you should seek evaluation by a cardiologist.

Implants and the heart

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Breast implants should have no impact on the heart in a patient that is healthy.  I routinely have patients get medical clearance if there is any reason to suspect a medical condition that could impact the patient's outcome.

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