Fat transfer to nose?

Had revision rhinoplasty and ended up with some deformity in the columella b/c doc left suture in and I had an infection and it ate some of the cartilage in the columella and the incision beneath nose is very deep. He wants to do fat transfer to my nose, on the sides of it and columella. Will this work? What are the consequences? Please help. I worry that this just may be a patch up.

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Fat transfer

Please supply photos - if the scar is tight this will not work , neither will filler. Also the fat will resorb if injected under tension in such a small area

Fat Transfer to the Nose

I find that synthetic fillers are much better and look more natural.There is risk of irregularity, lumps, bumps and blood vessel damage. I suggest getting another opionin if you question your surgeon.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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