Do All Perineoplasties Lead to a Tighter Vaginal Introitus?

Back in 2009 I gave birth to a 6lb 5oz baby and ended up with an episiotomy. Three years later, I'm still having problems with it. I have a painful scar, and a gaping opening. My OB/GYN has scheduled me for a perineoplasty to remove the scar tissue. He told me that they won't be performing a loosening or tightening, but one to remove the scar tissue. Sounds to me as though he doesn't plan on addressing the fact that my opening is rather wide. Will this surgery ultimately fix this? It bothers me!

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Perineoplasty Outcome

Typically one of the desired outcomes from perineoplasty is indeed tightening of the vaginal introitus (opening).  If this is a desire of yours and your OB/GYN is not addressing it, then may I recommend a second opinion from another qualified board certified surgeon specializing in vaginolplasty.  Glad to help... @DRRYANSTANTON 

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A gaping episiotomy scar is better corrected by a vaginoplasty than a perineoplasty

Childbirth damages not only the perineum (the episiotomy site), but the deep vaginal muscles as well (aka Kegel muscles, PC muscles). An effective repair of a lax introitus should address both sets of muscles. This is accomplished with colpoperineoplasty aka vaginoplasty. Removing scar tissue alone will not result in a tighter vagina.

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Do All Perineoplasties Lead to a Tighter Vaginal Introitus?

It sounds like your doctor is planning on doing more of a scar revision.  If you want the opening tighter, I would recommend you see someone who does a lot of vaginoplaties.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
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