Why Do I Still Have A Bump After Chalazion Treatment?

I have a chalazion for a month, been goin to my optha too, teatment is done since he doesn't want it to be surgically removed, he said, the scar is not worth it (the cyst is too tiny). He advised me to have warm compress for two weeks more, and i'm done, but there is still that bump, will it ever be gone? can i still do warm compress perhaps once a day for hope that the bump will subside?

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Dear CherryAnn,

    Chalazions are due to  blocked oil glands.  The oil gets thick, it builds up, and then breaks out of the gland and into the eyelid.  The eyelid develops this inflammatory response towards this oil, that we call a chalazion.  If they are big, they can be surgically drained.  However, small firm ones won't drain at all.  They are more fibrous, and the body has to reabsorb it on its own.  This can take a long time to go away completely.  I would continue warm compresses, and massage it often until it is completely gone.  Your doctor may consider injecting some medications in it to make it dissolve faster.  Also, in older patients, sometimes a skin cancer can mask as a recurrent or persistant chalazion, so if you are older, you may want to ask your doctor if that is something he/she is concerned about.

Good luck, hang in there!

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