No Cesarean Complications, Expect Same with Tummy Tuck?

I am very nervous about being put under as this is my first major surgery besides my cesarean. I am in good health with no concerns except for mitral valve prolapse or a slight heart murmur. I had no complications with my cesarean, so can I expect the same with my tummy tuck?

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Concerns before anesthesia.

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Have you disclosed your mitral valve prolapse with your surgeon's office?  If you are clear for surgery, then you should relax as your concerns are normal.

Risks for a tummy tuck versus a Caesarean section

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Having done well following your Caesarean section surgery is great but not necessarily a predictor of your outcome from a tummy tuck surgery. Given what appears to be excellent health, and if you are a non-smoker, not overweight or significantly so, and avoid blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen 2 weeks prior to surgery, your risks should be fairly low. Obviously, you would want to have this performed by a board certified plastic surgeon and have a board certified anesthesiologist with experience in plastic surgery performing your anesthesia.

Tummy tuck and c-sections

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I have been told by my patients that the recovery from a c-section is usually worse than a tummy tuck.  Good luck.

Tummy Tuck Risks vs C-Section

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Every surgery has potential risks. Fortunately, with elective surgeries such as this, we can minimize many of them by being sure our patients are as healthy as they can be, quitting smoking, getting off birth control pills, being nutritionally maximized, etc. The fact that you had no problems with your c-section is a good sign, but does not mean that there are zero risks with a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Complication

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Every procedure carries potential risks and complication.  However, as long as you are in good health and non-smoker, you will do well.  Tummy tuck is an elective surgery which normally last 2-4 hours.  Surgical and anesthesia risks for tummy tuck is very low; however, you should review them with your plastic surgeon prior to your surgery.

Tummy tuck is less invasive than a ceserean

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It is a good sign that you did well after your C-section. With a tummy tuck, there is no opening into the body as there is with a C-section so the recovery may be easier and the surgery itself safer. If you are going to a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who uses an accredited surgical facility, you should know that appropriate safety precautions are being used.

Tummy Tuck Complications

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The fact that you had no complications with your C-section does not in any way assure that you will not have complications following a tummy tuck.  Every operation carries some risk and the patient must always weigh the benefits against the potential risks.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Risks of Tummy Tuck in a Healthy Young Woman

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Surgery and anesthesia have come a long way. The odds of your having complications with a tummy tuck, if you are young, not obese, no medical conditions, do not smoke and do not have a family history of sudden death or blood clots, is extremely low. While it is never zero they are quite uncommon.

Discuss your fears with your surgeon and he will tell you the same.

Good Luck.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

All surgery has some risk, but tummy tuck is a safe operation.

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Any surgery has risks. Tummy tuck has risks also. In general, if you are healthy the chance of anything serious going wrong is very low. If this were not the case we would not be able to do elective surgeries like this. Make sure you eat well and rest both before and after the surgery. Also make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that the operating room in which you are having surgery is fully accredited.

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