Cervical Dystonia - Botox Injection. Is This Doing More Damage Than Good?

88 year old female has parkinson and cervical dystonia (head drops forward and to left) - left neck muscles were so hard/tight could not lift head - started receiving botox injection q. 3 months to loosen neck muscles to get head up (has rec'd x 4) - now has extreme difficulty in trying to keep head up - is the botox too much and causing muscle weakness - have tried multiple times of soft and hard cervical collars to hold head up; can not tolerate due to nerve pain in jaw line - any suggestions

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Cervical Dystonia and Botox

Most of us on this site do Botox for cosmetic purposes, which is very different than injections for CV. It is best to consult your current neurologist, or another neurologist, for an evaluation and opinion about whether or not Botox is the right treatment in this case, as well as what the proper dosing is given the circumstances and current head issues.

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