I'm not happy I had surgery on June 28th and I already feel sad and disappointed revision needed? How soon? (photos)

I think I'm going to have to do a revision I am so upset I wanted a cute belly button and no stretch marks I'm left with this .. How soon can I get a revision if needed ????

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Hello and thank you for your question. I don't know how long out you are since surgery, but if within 6 weeks your results look good. I believe with time you will see excellent results especially if you compare your pre op photos.  Your incision is higher than I personally like but your contours are excellent as is in my opinion your belly button.Wait at least 6 months before thinking about revisions.Peter Fisher M.D 

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck revision

Tummy tuck revision can be undertaken when you have skin laxity that can be hemmed out again to give you the results you deserve.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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DIssappointed in Result

I would give yourself more time because it's too early to tell. I would share your thoughts with your surgeon. Usually revisions are not done until 6-12 months. Best of Luck. 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy Tummy Tuck

Hello,You would need to be examined, but if you had extensive striae above your belly button prior to surgery, it is unlikely that they could have been removed. You are still swollen, and this will last for many more months. The biggest issue I see is the placement of the incision, and like so many surgeons who perform tummy tucks, your surgeon placed the incision way too high on your abdominal wall. You should heal, but towards the end of the year go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons for a second opinion.Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Timing of revision surgery

Most surgeons will wait at least 3 months before considering revision surgery.  With some procedures, waiting up to 6 months is recommended.  And stretch marks that exist above the belly button will still be there after the tummy tuck, as that skin is preserved and stretched. Be sure to address these issues with your surgeon.

George H. Pope, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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