Will a Cerec Crown Hold Up for 20 Years on a Front Tooth?

How long will a Cerec crown last on average?

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How long will Cerec crowns last?

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To match a single front tooth to your existing teeth, get a Empress all porcelain crown, matched in the dental lab by the tech in person . Skip the Cerec.

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Life expectancy of Cerec crown for front tooth

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That is a really good question, but it is almost the same as asking "How long will a Volkwagen car last?"  It really depends on how the car is driven, the quality of the maintenance, the road conditions under which the car usually travels, etc. Crowns are the same way.  A person who carefully brushes their teeth and flosses will get better results in regards to the crown's lifetime.  Also the person bite and whether they grind their teeth makes a huge difference in how long a crown will last.  All things being equal the Cerec crown has a good chance of lasting about as long as other types of ceramic crowns.

The real question is whether you would want to have a Cerec crown on a front tooth.  You will find the lab fabricated all ceramic crowns to be vastly superior in regards to the cosmetic appearance. I would never recommend a Cerec  crown for a front tooth.  Hope this helps.  Dr. Sheridan

Cerec vs. Traditional Crown

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As far as durability Cerec is the same as other crowns, but in the front esthetics should be an equal consideration.

You should consider a traditional stacked porcelain crown, it can be made to match your other teeth better than a Cerec crown. 


Dr. Alper

Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

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