I Have Cerebral Palsy, Can Botox Injections Help Me Walk Unassisted?

I currently use a wheelchair to get around because of my cerebral palsy. I have heard that Boxtox injections can relax muscles to improve walking ability. Is this true?

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Botox may help some neuromuscular disorders

Neurologists can help some patients whose muscles are in spasm or dystrophy.  Please ask your neurologist if this is possible for you. They would have to discuss with you, if you're a candidate, the risks of the treatment vs. its advantages, etc.

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Botox for approved medical purposes must be addressed by a specialist.

I wish you the very best of luck pursuing your research into whether Botox may be able to help you walk again. Unfortunately, of course, we are cosmetic physicians trained in other uses of the neuromodulator, and are not the ones to answer this for you. Please do look into the treatment with your neurologist or ask for a referral to someone who specializes in these treatments. The dosages are MUCH higher and the risks of dangerous problems increase along with that, so do be very strict in your selection of attentive, and appropriately trained physicians.

Good luck!

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
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Botox for Cerebral Palsey

Jenny: Although we all use Botox, your question is best answered by your neurologist. If he/she does not have experience with Botox, they can refer you to someone who does. Good Luck!

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Botox and Cerebral Palsy

Hi JennyGal: remember that Botox injections "relax" muscles. By doing so it usually diminishes the spasms seen with CP. It will not improve muscle strength. Your best bet is to find a Neurologist who is knowledgeable in Botox injections for CP. 

Hope it helps. 

Henri P. Gaboriau, MD, FACS
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Botox for Cerebral Palsy

Dear Jennygal in Newark:

I believe this is a question that is best for you to discuss with your neurologist..

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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