Are dental implants covered by insurance?

I've been thinking about getting mini dental implants instead of regular dentures.

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Implants covered by Insurance

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That's a tricky question because every insurance plan is different.  More and more are starting too especially the PPO plans. However they do not always cover the procedures that go along with it and usually the yearly maximums are so low that it wont cover the whole implant procedure.  Alot of the discount plans now offer 20-25%off for implants.  Your safest either reading your insurance package or if you don't understand it calling the member service number and asking any questions you may have.  Also whoever is in charge of insurance at your dental office should have gotten a breakdown of your insurance coverage and be able to help you.

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Sometimes they are covered

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Most dental insurance has such a low annual maximum that it is used up before any implant treatment is paid for. I have had many patients have their dental insurance cover individual implants as long as the tooth was lost while covered under that plan.As far as implants for denture retention, it may be possible to get medical insurance coverage if a physician deems them medically necessary if you have a GI ailment , diverticulitis for example, and you can not masticate your food adequately due to dentures that can not function without the aid of implants.  This is very difficult to get approval on however.  Expect denial by your insurance.Most people just have to pay out of pocket, but make the decision to proceed with implant retention options because they have lost too much supporting bone from the ridge and have such a miserable time eating and in social situations that they make the investment in this type of care.For those that elect to invest in this treatment, it is life changing and happiness and functionality is restored.Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area

Insurance coverage for dental implants

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Dental implants may be covered by medical insurance if their replacement is from either accident or some type of pathology that resulted in loss of teeth. Several dental insurances to provide benefits but are fairly limited and do not help significantly. For most, a no-interest payment plan seems to be the best option to make treatments possible and affordable. 

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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