Can there be delayed, long term skin damage from Fraxel Restore dual, such as ulcerated recurrent sores?

I've seen several reviews and even an online support group from those who have received Fraxel restore who state that after six months to a year, they started to get recurrent ulcerated sores or cystic acne. These ppl claim they've never had problems like this before. The pictures I've seen, seem to show ulcerated crater type sores mostly in chin and jawline area. Any experience or literature to show that these are potential long term complications?

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Fraxel laser treatments have been around now for several years and have proven to be extremely safe.  I have occasionally seen mild acne breakouts in the immediate post-treatment stage and I do use treatments to prevent herpes outbreaks in the first 10 days after treatments.  Ulcers, sores or acne occurring 6-12 months after the treatments almost certainly have nothing to do with the Fraxel laser treatments.  None of the scientific papers have shown this kind of long term adverse effect and I have not seen or heard of reports to support this either. Hope this helps.

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Fraxel and safety

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I have used Fraxel on thousands of cases, and am one of the lead investigators for using FRAXEL in an off label, multi pass mode (see video)- this laser is great for treating rough lesions, pigment, and sunspots. I have never seen this reaction before, a photo will help. 

Video explains how Fraxel works, and what to expect. 

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I have been using Fraxel to treat acne scars, fine lines, and dark spots for years.  I have never seen recurrent sores or ulcers from this treatment.  Please consult an experienced board certified physician for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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