Is there a difference in pain and recovery with different placement of breast implants?

Is there a difference in pain amount and recovery with implant placement in the nipple vs the crease?

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Recovery after breast augmentation

There should be little difference in postoperative pain with different approaches for breast augmentation.  The surgery should be precise and meticulous.  Careful preoperative planning is helpful in determining the approach and implant selection.

Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to determine what is best in your case.  You should feel comfortable with your surgeon and their explanation of your surgery and expectations for recovery.

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Pain manegment

Thank you for the question.

The amount of pain really does vary between patients. Some patients have reported more or less than other patients regardless of the type of implants.

Dr. Campos

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Is there a difference in pain and recovery with different placement of breast implants?

   I perform breast augmentation through all 4 incision approaches, and I do not think that incision makes any difference in pain.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Difference is pain and recovery with different placement of breast implants

Dear Arsenicaimee, 
The incision placement at the fold or around the areola usually makes no difference in the pain or recovery after breast augmentation.  However, there is a difference with under the muscle versus over the muscle.  Under the muscle is often a bit more painful and takes longer to get back to exercise of your arms and chest.

Pain after breast implants

In my experience, there is no difference in post operative pain following breast augmentation with implant placement through the nipple vs. the crease.  It is common for patients with sub muscular implants to experience slightly more pain that those who have implants placed sub glandular.  Ultimately, pain perception varies from person to person and it is important to remember that you cannot compare yourself to another.

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Implants and pain?

I think that there is more discomfort with submuscular placement than a subglandular placement because the division of the muscle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is there a difference in pain and recovery with different placement of breast implants - Submuscular and Submammary

Thank you for your excellent question. On average patients report that submuscular breast augmentation is more uncomfortable than epipectoral or submammary breast augmentation. It also depends on the size of the implant, on the surgical technique used, on the amount of local anesthetic infiltrated in the pocket dissected at the time of surgery etc.
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Post op recovery

The incision in the fold provides the most direct access to the pocket that is made to accommodate the implant, and this is my preference. But I don't think there is any evidence that one incision is less uncomfortable, or that one heals more quickly that the others. 

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Is there a difference in pain and recovery with different placement of breast implants?

Under the muscle hurts more than over the muscle but in any case the pain is mostly gone in a few days. In our office we use pain pumps which dramatically reduces the pain.

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Placement of Implants Makes A Difference!

Placing the implants below the chest muscle (subpectoral or submuscular) will hurt more in the early post-op period, as compared with placing the implants in front of the muscle (prepectoral or subglanular).
For most women, the increased early post-op discomfort of subpectoral placement is well worth it:
lower capsule contracture rate, better breast contours, less risk of ripples.
Incision location generally does not affect the post-op discomfort.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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