Cellulitis of the Breast

I was hospitalized back in March for celulitis of the breast I had a bilaterial masectomy in 2008. this has come back twice since coming home from the hospital The first time Leviquin took it right away This time it is much redder and painful Not sure if the meds are helping this time I am still swollen and red after two days of meds I am worried Should i consider getting implants removed??

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Skin infection after breast reconstruction with breast implant

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You are describing 3 instances of skin infection with implants placed for breast reconstruction. I do not know if you have had radiation or not or whether the length of antibiotic treatment time was insufficient. Regardless of that I would say if you continue down this path the implants and recurrenct infections will leave you with hard capsule contractures. The hard choice but most conservative and safest way to go is remove the implants and wait 6 or more months before replacing them. You will probably have to be re-expanded etc. This may seem more drastic but will also save you from multiple more procedures later in life. I am sure if you saw 10 plastic surgeons you would get 10 different recommendations how to procede. There is no one right answer to your query.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Cellulitis following mastectomy with implants.

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This is a difficult decision. IF you want to eliminate any possibility of implant infection, then removing them is the solution but your cellulitis could be related to other causes such as ischemia of the flaps or radiation if you underwent radiotherapy. I would continue a few more courses of antibiotics under the supervision and advice of your treating plastic surgeon.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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