Can I Get a BBL Even if I Have Severe Cellulite on My Butt?

I want to get the Brazillian Butt Lift, but I have cellulite VERY BAD, its so bad I cant wear dresses or tights because you can see the dimples, its disgusting, my butt dont even look like a butt. Can I still get a brazillian butt lift with me having such a bad case of cellulite, will the new fat go over the existing fat and make it look normal

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Dimpling buttock

I've operated on dimpling before with the intention of correction of the dimpling.  I've modified the technique in fat transfer to less pressure on the fat, no exposure of the fat, no spinning of the fat, washing the fat constantly, a closed system to collect the fat, injection of the fat with platelet rich plasma fibrin matrix (platelets have the growth factors that can help fat cells live longer), etcetera and I've had some great success with the extra effort.  The key is that my patients understand that certain areas will not correct completely.  Typically when I do this we go in with an attitude of 'lets see how it goes' kind of attitude and every single patient that I've done is happy.  I'll continue to do this technique so if you're interested...

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When having the Brazilian Butt Lift, Will Cellulite affect your results?

Hi Angie

Yes.  Cellulite isn't a contraindication to having the Brazilian Butt Lift.  I have had many patients who have had severe cellulite and still got beautiful results.  I have actually invented and developed an instrument that I use during surgery that helps improve the cellulite.  But as mentioned, by other surgeons, it may be due to drooping of your skin in which case, skin tightening may be necessary.  Pictures of your buttocks or being examined in person would be very helpful.   Be sure to consult with someone who specializes in this procedure.
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Brazilian Butt Lift with Cellulite

Cellulite is an indication of tissue sagging. When sagging is significant the skin attachment ligaments between the skin and the muscles dimple the skin. Filling a sagging buttock with fat will not magically elevate the buttocks. The fat will enlarge the buttocks and make them fuller. It may even soften the appearance of the dimples but the only way to completely smooth such dimpling is probably to do a buttock lift operation. Good Luck. Peter A Aldea, MD

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Yes, you can get a BBL with cellulite, just don’t set high expectations for it to go away or be a lot better. Thank you for your question and good luck.

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Brazilian Butt Lift in a Patient with Cellulite

Hi there-

The fact that your buttock area shows cellulite changes would not preclude you from having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, but it is important to understand that, while when performed by an experienced surgeon the procedure is very effective at improving the fulness and shape of the buttocks, the degree of skin looseness that you describe will probably not be completely corrected without also tightening the skin. This would most often involve a buttock lift procedure.

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Can the Brazilian Butt Lift be performed on buttocks with cellulite?

The Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure removes fat from different parts of the body and transplants it into the buttocks. The fat is injected into the deep portion of the buttocks and not superficially. Therefore the buttocks can still be enlarged  depsite the surface irregularities. Sometimes even the cellulite can be partially be improved. You need to be examined by an expereinced plastic surgeon who specializes in buttock surgery for best results. Good luck!

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Brazilian Buttock lift

Ccellulite is not a contra-indication to Brazilian Butt  lift. Infact one may be able to improve on the cellulite, by cutting the dermal bands and filling it with fat

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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