After Cellulaze Treatment, does the results remain the same whether you gain or lose weight?

Here's what I don't get.. The laser breaks the connective tissue bands, but don't they grow back? Once they grow back, why don't they continue to cause the cellulite appearance? Does the laser make it grow back more elastic so that when you lose and gain weight, it will stretch with the fat? Or is it just the fat that the bands grow back at a different angle? Will the results remain if your weight fluctuates a lot?Thanks!

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Cellulaze with Cellulite

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Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure that will smooth out the skin keeping it cellulite-free. It is always important to lead a healthy lifestyle and to maintain your weight. Please follow up with your surgeon to be sure you are healing properly and continue to wear your compression garment.

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Weight fluctuation

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Weight fluctuations particularly weight gain can definitely affect your results. This is true for any procedure.  Best wishes.

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