Is Ceft Fat Transfer for a Buttocks Lift/augmentation Superior to Other Techniques?

I understand that with most normal gentle fat transfer techniques that varying amounts of fat reabsorption can occur (for example up to 70%) and that with CEFT and/or PureGraft that the reabsorption is much less (10-40%) and therefore permanency is much greater. I am scared that I will spend all the time and money only to be disappointed in my result and am wondering if I should find a surgeon who uses CEFT or Puregraft for my procedure? thank you

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Is Ceft Fat transfer superior to other techniques for buttock augmentation/

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Buttock augmentation using fat transplantation is becoming a very popular procedure. The operation is relatively new, and therefore, to get the best results you are better off finding a plastic surgeon who performs this operation on an ongoing basis. Having said that, in my practice approximately 35% of the patients need a second procedure, which is usually evident at about 5-6 weeks. If the buttocks look good at that time then there is an excellent chance that you will not need another procedure. The fee for a second procedure is fairly nominal compared to the firts one. But no matter what you must accept the possibility of needing a second fat transfer because fat is very fragile and is very dependent on adequate blood supply. But the odds are in your favor of not needing further fat transfers. Patient satisfaction is very high even when neednig a second fat transfer.

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