13yrs post-op. Right breast is suddenly very sore. Is saline implant rupture safe? Is total knee replacement pain associated?

My right total knee replacement is usually sore laterally. My right breast that has a saline implant placed 13 years ago and has been very sore for the past two hours. My knee has gotten more sore in the exact same time. My right breast seems slightly smaller than my left breast (left is all tissue breast) but I'm not sure if the difference in size is new. Is my implant leaking? It it effecting my knee? Should I see a physician?

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Symptoms from implant

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I would be concerned about infection in both locations.  You should be put on antibiotics such as Cleocin along with antifungals such as Nizoral and have an explantation with total capsulectomy as soon as possible.  This may be a leakage with bacteria and or mold that will not improve without the above treatment.  Very few doctors understand this disease but I see mold and bacterial problems with implants about six to eight times a week for many years.  You may need several months of antifungals and culture specific antibiotics for this.  If you knee pain becomes worse, you will need to see infectious disease doctor for IV antibiotics.

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