How much of the implant should be showing after all the swelling is gone?

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Its ok..

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Ideally an unrestored implant would be tucked under the gums. Ocassionally they show through but that should not pose a big concern. As long as there is no infection and the implant is not loose or youre not seeing thread then you should be still in good shape.

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Hi and thank you for your question. Although in most cases the implant should not show thru the gums after the swelling has gone down, it is probable that if a particular abutment or connector was placed at the time of surgery that it could show. In this cases this abutments are placed at the time of surgery when the stability of the implant is very good to minimize the number of surgeries. In the case of All on 4 technique some of the abutments or connectors are going to show because the technique calls for implants that could be restored immediately with a temporary dentures. Once the All on 4 denture is in place this implants will be covered by the prosthesis. On the other hand there are implants that are used in the posterior areas that do have a collar (tissue collar) that will appears if exposed. Please visit your surgeon to evaluate the areas. Wish you well!!!

Implant showing

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The implant should not be showing, there is a possibility that the abutment(Connecting the implant to the prosthesis may show) This is a result of very thin gum tissue . This can be addressed by using a different height of abutment .Visit your dentists and ask if this can be addressed
Most likely when you smile it will not show
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There is a difference between the implant itself and the abutment that connects the implant to the prosthesis. The implant body should not be showing at all because it is supposed to be surrounded by bone. Although it is normal for some of the abutment to show in an All-on-4 case, there are different abutment sizes that can minimize this. Conventional implant restorations should not show any of the metal especially if done in the anterior region. Please check with your restorative dentist to evaluate for this.

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