Had 2 gynecologists tell me since the Mona Lisa is new and not done a lot of women there's concerns that it could cause cancer?

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MLT and cancer

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The MLT is new, however, millions of women have now enjoyed the benefits of this local, easy, nonsystemic treatment of vaginal atrophy.  There is no evidence, not any logic to thinking it could cause cancer.

Not realistic

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Fractionated CO2 laser has been used cosmetically for a many many years with no data at all to suggest that it would increase the risk of cancer.  I don't think this is a realistic concern.

Does the MonaLisa Touch cause Cancer?

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I would ask your gynecologist if she had any information on research to back her statement. MonaLisa Touch has been used effectively in Europe for many years without any concern of cancer.  There are multiple studies available--one being by Dr. Eric Sokol at Stanford University Medical Center. CO2 Lasers are used as a treatment for cancer of the cervix and vulva at many top cancer centers in the U.S. and the rest of the world.MonaLisa Touch is safe and very effective for vaginal dryness and reduces mild incontinence. It's wise of you to look for further information then just taking your doctor at her/his word.  I hope you find what you are looking for.

Some Gynecologist may have never heard of the Mona Lisa!

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As a board certified urologist with a subspecialty in Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery( FPMRS). I have researched the risks and benefits of the laser procedure. Unfortunately, lot of poorly informed gynecologist make statements like that. Most gynecologist have not looked at the literature since it is a new technology. It has been effectively used in Europe for many years without any concern of cancer and multiple studies are available. In fact, Cleveland clinic physcians and other major institutions are using the techology. The laser therapy is very effective for vaginal dryness, reduces mild incontinence and recurrent UTI's.

BS that I find it very hard to believe

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I find it hard to believe that any competent and knowledgeable gynecologist would claim that CO2 laser causes cancer and actually believe it. Stay away from them. CO2 laser is used as a treatment for cancer of the cervix and vulva at many of the top cancer centers in the United States and the rest of the world. CO2 ablation of the vagina as performed with Mona Lisa and FemiLift is actually derived from cancer treatments which were pioneered in the 1970s and 1980s.

Does the MonaLisa Touch Laser cause cancer?

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In a word "NO".  The science behind CO2 fractional therapy has been around for decades. It has been in use in the vagina for several years now.  Elegant pathology was performed by Dr Golgi in Milan.  There are peer reviewed papers showing the mechanism of action and outcomes.  I would urge your doctors to look into the literature.  I use it in my breast cancer survivor patients as an excellent alternative to vaginal estrogens.

MonaLisa Touch Does NOT Cause Cancer

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MonaLisa Touch laser therapy does NOT cause cancer. In fact, it is actually a treatment which is ideal for many cancer survivors, especially breast cancer survivors. MonaLisa Touch treats vaginal atrophy, which occurs in all women as they age and worsens over time. Vaginal atrophy can cause painful intercourse, vaginal dryness and burning, as well as urinary urgency. There are no risks whatsoever- there has never been significant complications like burns or tissue damage. Cheers!

New? dangerous? cancer causing?

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Hog-wash!!! These gynecologists are not familiar with it and should say so. It is not dangerous, doesn't cause cancer (of what?), and is extremely effective for menopausal vaginal symptoms. In fact, since it can eliminate the need for hormonal therapy, it may reduce the risk of cancer (uterus, breasts etc.). Read more about it, and try PubMed.gov which is the NIH website. It is a wonderful, superficial therapy.

MonaLisa Touch

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CO2 laser has been used for medical purposes for over twenty years, and has been used to treat pre-cancerous cells. The MonaLisa Touch came into development applying the technology learned from prior experience to vaginal tissue in 2008. The MonaLisa Touch has been used since 2012 in Italy and their studies have been published. The technology has been approved for gynecological use since 2014. The respected academic Gynecologist in our field, Dr. Karram, learned about this technology from his Urogyn colleagues from Italy, and introduced the MonaLisa Touch to America. His studies has mirrored the results from Italy. Over 20,000 women have been treated worldwide. There will always be early adopters and late adopters in terms of treatment modalities. It is always a good idea to hear all opinions, and I encourage you to find an innovative Gynecologist that offers the MonaLisa Touch for a consult to see if this treatment can improve your symptoms.

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