Is a greenish tint OK to have in drains?

I have two drains and am almost at the one month point after implants were put in. I have around 20cc of output on both sides morning and night. I recently noticed a tint to the drain color and wondered if this is a normal part.

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Breast implant drain removal

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Our drain removal protocol after revision breast implant surgery is to try and remove drains before three weeks.  At the three week mark, there is a higher chance of breast implant infection.  Every cases needs to be evaluated individually and early drain removal does put you at risk for a fluid collection called a seroma.  

Sientra implants have a more aggressive texture then Mentor implants.  My preference is for the Mentor implants although I have used the  Sientra implants.

Green tint in drain

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I recommend that you go back to see your operating plastic surgeon as green color is suspicious for infection. It seems a little long to leave a drain from my experience. Good luck.

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