Does it cure Lichen Sclerosus?

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Lichen sclerosis

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We have seen good results with ThermiVa in our practice. However should not be considered a cure. It is an option when other treatments did not give satisfactory results.

Lichen Sclerosus

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ThermiVa ( Radiofrequency therapy)does not treat Lichen Sclersus. MonaLisa touch ( fraction CO2 laser)has been been effective for this skin condition. It may take 4-6 treatment sessions. At our office we evaluate patients and help guide patients between TheriVa and the MonaLisa therapy. 

Does Thermiva cure lichen sclerosis

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There is no treatment that cures lichen sclerosis but I have treated patients with Thermiva and have seen significant improvement in their symptoms.   You should make certain you have a tissue biopsy confirming the diagnosis.  Strong dose topical steroids should be used.  Topical estrogen can help as well.  In the absence of improvement you can consider Thermiva.  This is a relatively risk free office based procedure.  

Does ThermiVa cure Lichen Sclerosis?

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ThermiVa does not cure Lichen Sclerosis, but a study presented during the ASLMS ( American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery) showed that the symptoms can improve significantly with ThermiVa. Especially in patients who don't respond well to topical steroids. Good luck,

CO2 laser has cured lichen sclerosus in some and improved it in others

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I treat lichen sclerosus with the FemiLift CO2 laser and achieve symptomatic improvement in patients who don't want steroids or haven't responded well to steroids. Symptomatic improvement is the realistic expectation with LS, not cure, unfortunately. If you're interested in more info, check out the lecture I gave a few months ago at a cosmetic gyn conference where I reviewed the world's literature on the treatment of LS (relevant section starts at 27:40). There is significant long-term data for CO2 laser, but none published on RF yet.

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