Swollen uneven waist contour after Vaser Lipo 11 weeks post op ? Is this normal and can it be corrected ? (Photo)

I had a small amount of vaser lipo done on my love handles. This was part of butt umplant procedure. My waist has an uneven contour and feels hard and lumpy . the surgeon has recommended VelaShape 3 which I will have done in 8 weeks. Im hoping this will restore my waist shape. if not I must report back to him.

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Lumpy and Irregular After VASER -- Use Velashape or Venus Legacy

At this point it is best to use external massage and RF devices that help irregularities and swelling such as velashape and venus legacy.  If you are unhappy after a series of treatments, then revision liposuction can be performed but you should be eavluated by a body contouring expert who specializes in revision cases.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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