I have residual swelling to the lateral lower eyelids bilaterally after lower blepharoplasty 11 weeks ago.

My Dr. says it is residual swelling of the fat pad and injected my lower eyelids with cortisone at 9 weeks. There was maybe some decrease in swelling the next day or two, but now there is no difference than before the injection. This swelling is quite obvious from the front as well as the side view. Can this be normal and still get a good outcome eventually?

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Lateral swelling after bleph

There is a fat pad in the lateral part of the eyelid.  It is not uncommon to take out too little of this fat pad, so you get a lump post-op.  If it doesn't go away by 6 months it is easy to take out more.  Better to be conservative with this since taking out too much fat can leave a depression. 

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Post lower lid blepharoplasty swelling

Dear lafonduh, It is very unusual to have swelling after lower lid blepharoplasty this far post surgery. In my thirty years of practice performing blepharoplasty often I have never injected a patient with cortisone to reduce swelling. It may be time for a secondary opinion. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Without a photograph, it is difficult to provide a meaningful response.

It is unusual to have swelling almost 4 months after eyelid surgery.  I would encourage you to consider posting photographs so we can give you guidance regarding this issue.  Alternatively, it is reasonable to consider a second opinion regarding this issue.

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