I would like to ask if my Adam's apple with abnormality can be healed? If yes, how? (Photo)

I would like to ask if my adams apple with abnormality can be healed? if yes how?. This adams apple started when I was 14 years old and now Im 21.. I really feel uncomfortable with this everyday. If I swallow i can't feel pain, but if I swallow and turn my head left then I feel pain. I can't go to a doctor because I can't afford for it. please help me. I will really appreciate all the help and advice.. thankyou

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Adam's apple reduction


It appears as if the right lamina of your thyroid cartilage or "Adam's Apple" is hypertrophied or enlarged. It is fairly common for one side of the cartilage to be larger than the other. However, this could be a mass caused by something else as well, so an in-person consult to evaluate it is most appropriate. You may want to start with your family doctor so that he/she can refer you to the appropriate person. 

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Unfortunately, you will need to see a doctor to diagnose this and make treatment recommendations. You might look into a teaching clinic at a hospital with training programs.

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