I Lost my Retainers for a Month Now and I Can Feel It Shift, Fast. What Do I Do?

I had retainers and I accidentally left them in Toronto. Right now my teeth are shifting pretty fast. I can feel it. & the problem is my orthodontist is all the way back in another continent & I really don't know what to do! I've gone a month now without them. My parents found a dentist and are willing to pay $500 for new retainers to be made but isn't it useless because retainers are only gonna retain the shape, so if it retains my already shifted teeth, that would be no help. What do I do???

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Retainers on already shifted teeth

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Till you can visit your original dentist you need to get the new retainers made as they will retain your current position of teeth. If you do not get it made then the damage will be much more than what it is now. I would strongly recommend you to go ahead with the new retainers to preserve what you have.

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