2 Cc's Total: Under Eyes, Lips (Mostly Upper) and Smile Lines, Creases of Mouth. Hate It So Far! Will This Improve? (photo)

2.5 Days Now. I am horrified by the size of my lips, the swelling and pillows under my eyes. It has been 2.5 days now...will this really improve...? I cannot leave the house! I feel like a clown and have a duck bill. I know the bruising will go away but I am totally freaked out by my lips! HELP!

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Swelling post injection

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Hang in there. Not sure what filler was used, but I use Restylane for those areas and I tell my patients to expect minimum of 3 days swelling. Make sure you sleep on your back (not on your side or your belly) with your head elevated 2-3 pillows, use of ice compresses and ibuprofen to decrease swelling (risk of bruising from ibuprofen only applies if you're taking it before/during injection). Things will improve.

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