How Many Cc's Makes a Revision Just for Size "Worth It"? (photo)

I have 286cc, I am 5'2" and about 100-105lbs and 24 yrs old. I was a 32A pre-BA and almost 4 months post op (BA in May 2013) I am measuring a 30D, sometimes 32D or 32C. I want to get a revision as soon as I am able and can afford it, but I want to make sure I do it right this time. I'm not necessarily looking to increase cup size by much, but I want more fullness (which I associate with width more so than projection). I've been considering 339 but afraid that won't be a big enough difference.

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Breast sizers can help determine which implants to choose prior to surgery.

There are lots of ways to settle upon the final size. Breast sizers available the officer quite useful. However if your breasts are soft and natural I would caution you about subjecting them to risks with subsequent surgery.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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How Many Cc's Makes a Revision Just for Size "Worth It"?

You have a very nice result! But if you MUT increase volume I recommend at least 100 cc at a minimum///

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Going up a cup size

To make a difference you must decide it you want to go up 1/2 or a full cup size.  This will vary from 75 to 150 cc increase.  Your result now looks quite good and you may want to consider leaving it alone.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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How Many Cc's Makes a Revision Just for Size "Worth It"?

I would probably go a little bigger than 339 cc's. Usually a minimum of 75-100 cc's to make a difference. There is minimal risk with a filling procedure but complications are always a possibility.

Kurtis Martin, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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How Many Cc's Makes a Revision Just for Size "Worth It"?

My concern is that 50 cc will not make enough of a difference. You might try a "rice test" at home, filling stockings with raw rice at various volumes, and using them to enlarge your breasts while wearing a stretchable sports bra, and see how much it takes to look different. This is helpful, though not an exact science. 

Look at the possible implants in the surgeon's office. The increase in width from 286 to 339 is 7 mm-barely more than a quarter of an inch, and the next size up (371) is just another 2 mm wider. You may also want to think about moderate profile. A 330 is about 13 mm wider than your current implant.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Revision of augment.

i generally tell people that they need to increase their size 30-50%  or they will not think it is worth it.  so i think you should increase the size between 80 and 150cc

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon
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How many CC's make it worth it?

Typically I recommend to patients an increase or decrease of at least 100-150 cc depending on the pt's size. You are very petite and should see a definite difference with a volume change starting at 75-100cc's. Good luck and choose your surgeon wisely.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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Breast Implant Exchange Revision after Augmentation

You have a lot of options when the time comes depending on what you want and are willing to accept when you place a larger implant. In my experience when patients come back to have new implants placed and see a noticible difference you usually have to change volume by 75-100 cc. Often it is more like 150-200 cc depending on what you are looking for. You have the option of selecting a wider implants (which can give you more cleavage in the middle and breast width) or a more projecting implant, or a combination of both. If you go to a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in aesthetic breast surgery. this should be a very simple and straight forward process of selecting the right implant.  I would agree that a 339 cc implant won't do much for you beyond what you already have. Good luck!

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Breast, Breast enlargement, Fat transferbreast, Fat graft breast

We generally recommend 100 ml increase or decrease in size to appreciate a noticeable difference.  If you want to stay with implant surgery, make sure you get new implants of the appropriate new volume.  An alternative is to have fat transfer to your breasts to increase the size.  The fat grafting can also reshape your breasts and help camouflage rippling.

Ralph W. Bashioum, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant exchange and sizing.

Thank you for your question and posting appropriate pictures and description.  Ideally, you have seen a board certified plastic surgeon with preoperative pictures which can be loaded into Vectra 3-D imaging to show optimal size simulated in the future. Otherwise, you should discuss sizing and breast width dimensions regarding an increase in at least 75cc to provide appreciable difference postoperatively.  Breast of luck. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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