How Many CC's is 3 Inches of Stomach Fat? What To Expect From Fat transfer To Butt and Hips?

I am 34-27-33. I want to take off 3 inches from my waist and add it to my butt and hip area. I have no hips. will this work? I am a slim lady too, i weigh less than 110lbs and i am 5'3". I really want the fat graft, implants are not an option for me. Thanks

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Respectfully, at 110 pounds / 5'3" and 27 waist, your self description as a "slim lady" sounds accurate and I SERIOUSLY doubt you have a large truncal area with a 3 inch fat depth. If you refuse to have buttock implants than you have two options: One, having NO surgery or two, having liposuction from all possible donor areas and transferring that decidedly low yield to the buttocks.  While everyone has fat to transfer, the real question is would you have enough to create the buttock fullness you envision. If your goals are realistic, you MAY be able to get there. But if you want a really full, prominent backside you may be far better served with a combination liposuction of the lower back ("Back Scop Lipo") and buttock implants.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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