How Many CC's Are Enough? (Brizilian Butt Lift)

I have recently decided to get this procedure done but after a lot of research over the internet I'm a bit worried about not getting my dream booty. I've been told by one of the surgeons I'm willing to go through that he only puts up to 300cc in each buttock and will do no more, my problem is that I've seen posts on here that say in some cases even 600cc won't make a lot of difference! Im mixed race 5,6 10st (More then enough fat to spare) with 34E sized chest so I would a big noticable bottom.

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How Many CC's Are Enough?

I usually transfer more than a 1000 cc.
Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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Volume for BBL

The amount of fat used is almost often dictated by the amount of excess fat that the patient has in other areas (unless the patient is obese, in which case there'll be more fat than you can use but this patient population typically doesn't do quite as well).  I've heard of some surgeons using this amount, but to day they won't do more is probably coming from someone who doesn't have much experience with the operation.  My preference is to use BodyJet technology for the fat transfer so I'm very confident in injecting as much as I want.  Some use simple decanting, centrifugation, washing and straining.  This exposes the fat to ambient air and potential contaminants.  I've heard of infections in this setting and maybe that would create reluctance to the operation.  BodyJet technology keeps the fat contained and without exposure to the air, it's a closed system.  If you have more than enough fat to spare, then you should be considering a much larger volume of injection.  Obtain a second opinion from someone that has abundant experience in the procedure and be sure he's board certified in "PLASTIC SURGERY" and no other accreditation or you may regret it.  Good luck in your search!

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Brazilian butt lift how many cc is enough

The Brazilian butt lift is the most common procedure I do. I've done small patients were only had 500 mL total to inject and I've done large patients rep at 2300 mL total to inject. Both of these patients had great results. It's not always so much the volume but it's the shape you can make with the amount of fat that you have.

Remember a small patient needs less volume than a large patient to make the same change in appearance. It's just like a breast augmentation a person that's 5 feet tall and have a 400 mL implant and a D cup. A person is 6 feet tall might need a 800 mL implant to make a D cup. It's the same thing with fat injections to the buttocks, a large person needs more fat to make a change. The other thing to consider is the liposuction makes as much improvement in appearance of the buttocks as a fat injection and maybe more important. With a good liposuction you make a narrow waist and if you have a narrow waist the buttocks always looks better. This is important reason why a small volume of injection with a good liposuction can make a tremendous change in the patient's appearance. The other thing you have to consider is that liposuction is overwrought Peter to pay Paul procedure. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. So when you do liposuction you take away a storage area in the abdomen, waist, and back so the calories that would've gotten stored here have to get stored somewhere else. And a lot of patience for somewhere else is the buttocks. So with a good liposuction the buttocks may get bigger without a fat injection anyway.

You can look at my profile and the my website to get more descriptions about the Brazilian butt lift. On my website under the before-and-after section there is video about the procedure and a description of the procedure, the recovery and the complications.

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