Could I Have CC? or is There Something else Possibly?

i was 4 weeks post op when i thought i had CC in my right boob, the bottom right corner got harder in what seemed like over night, now i massage and take ibuprofen and it softened up, but when i massage it gets hard again. maybe it's not CC. what else could be wrong. my P.S. is a jerk :(( and i am actually in the process of finding a new one. can you please help me with any ideas and what i can do. also how long should i take ibuprofen and put a warm rag. thank you sooo much.also looking for PS

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Capsular contracture?

It is still early on in your recovery and swelling is common at this time, which could be contributing to the firmness you're feeling. Capsular contracture signs are tightening around the implant, making your breast feel firm and round. However, only a physical examination by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon can better diagnose your concern. Please rely on your instinct when selecting a surgeon. Best of luck.

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Capsular Contracture and Hardness at 4 Weeks

    Capsular contracture is progressive and if you are going to develop it give it some more time.  4 weeks is early to make that diagnosis.  This could be scar tissue.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Hughesplasticsurgery Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Early hardness after augmentation

If your hardening area is limited to one spot, it may just be scar tissues. It's generally too early to see capsular contracture at 4 weeks postop. At this point it's probably best to continue massaging and keep regular follow up visits with your plastic surgeon. If you want to be certain then consider getting a second opinion.

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Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
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It Does does Not Sound Like a Capsular Contracture

Your description does not sound like a capsular contracture, and it would be very unusual to have a capsular contracture show up so early after surgery. 

There are a variety of possibilities for the cause, but it is impossible to narrow them down without an exam. 

I would recommend either a repeat evaluation with your surgeon or a second opinion.

David P. Stapenhorst, MD
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Firmness in breast

It is unlikely that you have developed a capsular contracture so soon after surgery.  Without an exam it is hard to say, I suggest that if you are unhappy with your surgeon seek another opinion in person with someone else.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Several Options Possible

It is unlikely that this is early capsular contracture but more commonly asymmetric swelling or some fluid within the pocket of the right breast.  It can also be the implant that you are feeling.  Using warm compresses, anti-inflammatories and gentle massages may have a soothing temporary effect but if this doesn't improve soon further investigation is necessary.  A thorough physical exam combined with a sonogram to determine if there is a fluid collection can help to explain the situation.  Good luck...  

Eric Sadeh, MD
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IT IS NOT EASY TO DIAGNOSE A CC BY DESCRIPTION ONLY.  SEEMS TO ME TOO SOON (4 WEEKS) FOR A HARD CAPSULE ??REMOTE CAUSE: seroma, hematoma . Came to my attention that you mention an area only, a hard capsule should be the entire area. You need to be evaluated by a p.s. //   Best ...  Dr. Vega -Tijuana 



Ricardo Vega, MD
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Capsular contrcture

This does not sound like a contracture, but it is impossible to tell by description only. If you do not want to go back to your PS, then find another one for evaluation. Can't recommend treatment unless we no the cause.

Gregory Sexton, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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Could I Have CC?

With a capsular contracture, the entire implant would feel firm, not just one area. Without the benefit of an examination, I don't feel capable of guessing what this may be or how to treat it. If you don't want to be evaluated by your own surgeon, RealSelf has geographic listings  of plastic surgeons. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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