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Hi, I'm 5'9" 140lbs. I am a 34A right now. I want to be able to fill in 34C. My doctor told me that because I don't have much breast tissue, he can't do any more than 300-350cc on me. I have seen many pictures of women with much less tissue than me, who get 400-500cc and they look really good. I prefer somewhere between 375cc-425cc when trying on rice sizers because I think they go really well with my height. Would 350cc still be able to give me the look and size I am wanting to acheive? I don't want to look the same after surgery as I always have with my super padded bras. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Breast implant size

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Having augmentation is an important decision.  You should know what to expect in advance.  The implant used for your enhancement must match dimensions of your chest (diameter), and desired final size (projection).  Although skin envelope and pre-existing size may limit the implant volume which will produce a natural result, dimensions of the implant are more important than volume. 

For a 5'9" woman who weighs 140 lbs, 425cc does not seem too large from a volume standpoint, provided your skin compliance is normal.  If you have a very small amount of breast tissue, you may need even larger to be happy.  Again, be sure the implant is wide enough to fill your base width.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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The best volume implant for augmentation

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Dear tamjb87,

It is probably best not to fixate on an volume number specifically.  Sizing bras usually help you get in the ballpark on volumes.   I am constrained that it is what your breast shape in the OR using sizers and not a number of cubic centimeters which help me define the best endpoint doing breast augmentation.  This discussion with your physician preoperatively will more likely to avoid disappointment post op. 

Perhaps it would be prudent for you to ask your surgeon why those volumes where his limits.  Most evidence based information on augmentation depict higher complication rates with larger volume implants.  Another consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon might clear things up.  Good luck. 

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Size vs Breast Tissue Support

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Breast implant size is a matter of personal choice and how you would like them to look on your chest. There is no relative limit as to what size can be put in...other than some concerns about the long-term results and the potential for bottoming out of the breast due to the szie and weight of the implant. This is where the upper limit of 350cc or so implant size comes from by different surgeons. At our height, you would be better off with your goals to be in the 400cc to 450cc implant range. Your surgeon has a reason for his/her choice and you need to discuss this together as you don't want to be disappointed with the results either. 

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Don't Stress Over CCs of Breast Implants

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Many patients stress over the number of cc's in the implants and their cup sizes.  There is no standard for cup sizes and the difference in 350 and 375cc is less than 2 tablespoons.  Having said that, I think that you could probably implants in the 400cc range.  If your surgeon is unwilling, seek a second opinion.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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