What CC Size Should I Choose for my Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I am needing help on deciding what CC size to get for my surgery. Well first off I am 5'7' and I weigh about 104lbs. My surgeon measured me and told me I was a B cup with a 28 inch waist. He also said I have tubular breasts if that helps. I am looking to go towards having a Full C cup after my surgery. Since of my age i will be having saline implants that will be tucked under my muscle. Thankyou for your time and help!

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What CC Size Should I Choose for my Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Most patients come to the office with some mental image they perceive would be an appropriate size for themselves based on their frame, height, weight, proportion of the hips to breast etc.  Sometimes there are external factors like they don't want their mother-in-law, children or co-workers to know. The size they are thinking may be influenced by their significant other or an activity, profession or sport they participate in.

These factors along with a woman's limited knowledge of bras and the sizing furnished by certain styles and brands and what her friends tell her are all influential factors in the decision making of what size they choose.
Then she sees her surgeon and more often than not he recommends a particular cc. size. Finally the patient goes on line and looks at dozens of photos and reads the cc sizes but doesn't really know how tall and heavy the person is in the photo, if the implants are above or below the muscle and if the bra size mentioned is based on some manufacturer's proprietary sizes. In all there are so many factors to consider that no wonder a woman is confused and may give up her own opinion of the size she wants for that of the surgeon's.

Let's make it simple: What you see is what you get.  Check out how to do the "Rice Test" for breast enlargement on the web. You try different types and styles of clothing with this home made "test implant" by adding more or less rice till you come to a size that you feel comfortable in.  Then you can wear this out and about for a few days and see if you feel comfortable in your surroundings.  We are social animals and our values are based on the inputs around us.  Ultimately you have to feel comfortable with your body image in your surroundings. Why else would you be asking your friends, lover, doctor  or Realself what size you should be?? Who cares what size bra you will wear after? If you think you look hot in the size you selected with the rice test then that is what you want despite the thought you had of just wanting to be a "full B" ( a size that doesn't exist in a bra) but instead you measured enough rice that will probably put you into a "D cup".  

Now you go back to your surgeon armed with valuable information. He can then tell you if this size is practical for you or not. Depending on whether the size will be too small to get the cleavage your looking for or the size is too large to do in-conjunction with a full mastopexy (breast lift). There may be other anatomical  or surgical factors that can influence the ultimate decision on the size of the implant but at least you know that you want around a 550 cc implant and not a 325cc that  your consulting surgeon had initially recommended.  If your surgeon can't quite accommodate the size you want maybe he can do 450cc and you are still way closer to your desired size than that recommended by him when he used some body measurements. 

I hope this helps put things into perspective and aids you in making a educated decision. Let me know if this works for you.   William Aiello, M.D.  Ocean Plastic Surgery Center - Orange County California

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Choosing Size of Breast Implants

Well, ideally the implant size selection is a decision you are guided through by your plastic surgeon. Ideally, your plastic surgeon is using Biodimensional planning principles to determine the ideal implant for you. The reality of breast augmentation is this: Based on what you are starting with, your breast base diameter, the stretchiness of the skin of the lower pole, the amount of breast tissue that you have to conceal the implant, there truly is a limited range of implant volumes that will work well for you, and will produce an aesthetically desirable full but natural appearing result. The problem with using implants that are too small is you end up with breasts that look somewhat lonely and separate, and the problem with going too big is that you end up with a high risk of the problems that lead to reoperation for breast augmentation: visible folds and ripples, skin stretch deformity, and position problems like “bottoming out”. In my practice, I see in general two groups of patients. One group of patient’s is looking for that perfectly natural implant that is right in the middle of the range that is recommended by Biodimensional planning principles. I see a second group of patient’s that are looking for the fullest implant volume that their body’s natural tissues can reasonably conceal. Both are fine choices, and I am happy to do both for each group of patient’s as long as we are staying within the limits, within the constraints, of Biodimensional planning principles. 

Michael Law, MD
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How many cc's?

This is always a tough question.The fact that you have tubular breasts comes into the equation.I usually will have several different size implants available when I do my augmentations and once the pockets are made,I will put in a 250,275 or 3300 and try to make them as full as I can without being too obvious.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Sizing of breast implants

It is difficult to give you an answer without photos and breast base measurements. You are tall, thin and have tubular breasts. If you are under 22 years of age, you cannot have silicone gel implants. Your plastic surgeon sholud've mentioned to you that you do have abnormal breasts, i.e. tubular breasts. This condition will allow you to have silicone gel implants, which I would recommend for you. Saline implants will give you a lot of rippling in spite of submuscular placement. Your plastic surgeon should also measure your chest wall dimensions and breast base size besides your waist line. Based on these measurements you can decide what would be an appropriate size implant for your frame and breasts. Good luck.

George Marosan, MD
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Implant Sizing

I hear this question often here on RealSelf....I think it is important to have your sizing performed in the office at the time of your consultation. Silicone "sizers" can be used by experienced nursing staff or a physician themselves, underneath a sports or sizing bra, to help you familiarize yourself with the volumes it will take to increase your cup size. Cup sizes are different amongst all manufacturers and can a difficult indicator...glad to hear that your MD "sized" you in the office to a B. I also use a 3 D imager which takes your picture, reads your measurements and then the patient and I both choose the implant size and more importantly the PROJECTION which give them the desired look. The computer "puts" the implants into your picture and you can see what size fits you best.

With your body measurements and your desired cup, I would look between 275cc and 350cc (volume can be dependent on projection style you want) to start. Tell your doctor what you think is TOO BIG.

Hope this helps!

Good luck-

Dr. C


John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
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Breast implant size

Choosing the right implant for you occurs duriing a thorough exam and consultation at the time of your appointment with the doctor. It is impossible to suggest a size for you in this forum.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Implant Size

Dear A. Lynn:

Choosing the correct size for your breast augmentation is perhaps the most difficult part about the procedure. The answer depends on many variables: Your body type, your breast shape, your current breast volume, the elasticity of your skin, position of the implant and last, but not least, your desired goal range.

Most the time we discuss breast size in terms of cup size, but cup size not precise. It depends on the manufacturer and even the style of the bra. You may be a C-cup and Macy's, but cross the street to Victoria Secrets and you're a DD.

What you wear can also make a tremendous difference in the perception of your breasts' size. A large baggy top can reduce your apparent size, and a tight top emphasize it.

A full C is the most frequently requested size I hear from my patients, and everyone has their own interpretation of what a full-C means. Some patient truly want to fill a cup cup, others want to be a D, but don't want to ask for a D.

The best advice I can give you is to communicate the look you want to your board certified plastic surgeon. Bring pictures, try on bras, do everything you can before surgery. This will help you define what you really want from the breast augmentation, and will help your surgeon know how many cc's will be best.

I have been doing this a long time, and I usually have a good idea what volume I need to achieve a certain goal. Occasionally, I need to adjust the breast implant volume in the operating room in order to achieve the desired goals. Variables like increased muscle thickness and resistance can demand an increase in volume, and this is only truly determined in the operating room. As a detail oriented professional, I want that option, and I have more happy patients because of it.

I review the planned range of implants before surgery with my patients, and if a patient has a specific request, that's ok. I just let them know that we are making the decision without all the information. Most patients are ok with me adjusting the final volume, as long as we have a clear understanding of the goals.

I've added a link to my San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog that deals with breast implant size. You should know that the diameter of the implant, and the filling material are sometimes even more important than a change in size. Your breast will continue to change as you age. If it were simple, the most common reason for exchanging implants would not be to change size. Absolute guarantees cannot be made, but the overall gestalt, appearance and proportions can serve as excellent guides for excellent results. Both you and your surgeon should know what those goals are before proceeding to the operation room.

Joseph Mele, MD
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CC Size for my Breast Augmentation

Love you Dr P! LOL I just invented that exact calculator but I ran out of batteries! But really the choice of CC's is a personal decision between you and your surgeon that you have chosen and may take a few in person visits to determine that exact size. You did not post photos so we can not see the ? tuberous deformity. My guess is a 400 cc HP saline. But that is a guess. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Breast size vs. breast implant size

Breast implant surgery is not like buying clothing. You can't order a specific size. Although the surgeon can make some estimates as to final breast size he/she will always be off. This is due to the fact that breasts are made up of variable quantities of fat & breast gland. Although in general younger women have a greater percentage gland & older women have a greater percentage fat it is not possible for even the educated eye to accurately estimate the percentage composition just by looking at the breast. Because fat is more compressible than gland tissue 2 women with different breast composition (fat vs. gland) can have the same size breasts before surgery & have the same sized breast implants placed but end up with different sized breasts.
The one with a greater percentage of gland tissue in the breast will be larger. Most breast implant surgery consent forms explicitly state that there is no guarantee of final breast size after surgery.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Sizing is a difficult undertaking with no easy calculator formula. It may take several sessions in order to narrow down the best size for your NOW. Things could change with time and what suits you now may not appropriate in the future. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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