How Many Cc Needed to Go from 36C to a Chest As Big As Pamela Anderson?

I am currently a 36C. I would like to have breast implants to make my breasts a bit bigger than Pamela Anderson's. I am unsure as to how many cc this might take? Would asking a surgeon to triple the size be too much as I am afraid asking for double my current cup will be too little? I would like very large breasts as I am aiming for the Playboy look but not so much I look like a freak.

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Better to find the right implant size that looks good on yourself, not on a celebrity.

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Not really sure which size Pamela Anderson currently has.  Size is a complex decision that is not only based upon your height, weight and current cup/bra size but ALSO on also on your breast diameter, waist, shoulder, and skin envelope measurements. These can only be assessed in person during a consultation. A good place to start is using my "Find your perfect size" tool listed in the left hand column of my home page. Another good place to look is the searchable database section of the physicians' photos on

Keep in mind, what looks great on Pamela Anderson, may not be the choice for other people.

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Breast size after Augmentation

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It certainly possible to achieve your breast size goals with implants. The final size increase that will look "right" on you depends on many individual characteristics including height, weight, breast dimensional measurements, and underlying musculoskeletal structure. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the right size in cc's after an exam. Every implant size looks different in every patient.

CC's Needed to Go from 36C to a Chest As Big As Pamela Anderson

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All the previous posters are correct in their advise. I will give you an answer realizing you did not post photos. I would consider 600 to 800 cc's. This is just to answer your question. 

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Pamela Anderson look

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I do not know how large Pamela Anderson is or how larger her implants are. But they look very large. It is important ot have a good exam and review these things with your surgeon,

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Breasts like Pam Anderson's may come with unwanted problems

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Hi there-

Please realize that the use of implants large enough to create such an unnatural appearance will necessarily expose you to significantly higher risks over the lifespan of the implants, and that many of the problems associated with the use of such large implants will require surgery to correct.

In other words, achievement of your short term goal will almost certainly condemn you to many more operations over the course of your life than would be necessary with a more reasonably sized augmentation.

Before proceeding, please visit with a responsible plastic surgeon who can fully educate you about the options available, including the risks.

Breast augmentation like Pamela Anderson

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A very full breast augmentation is indeed possible, and if you have the pictures that clearly demonstrate what you want, a well qualified plastic surgeon should be able to approach your goal. This type of augmentation usually requires a subglandular implant and leaves a 'rounder' look. Consider carefully, as I have read that Pamela Anderson's implants came with some misgivings and later revision.

Best of luck,


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