What Cc is Best for a 5'10 135lbs Woman?

Im 5'10 135lbs and want breast implants. after having 2 kids my girls aren't very perky anymore and make me feel old. I'd like to be a large C cup. How many cc's is necessary for that? And what type of implant would be best??

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Breast Implant Size

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There is no one size fits all for breast implants.  There are more considerations than just size, including shape and profile of the implant. = The best option is to visit your local board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.  In our office, we offer the VECTRA XT 3D imaging software which lets you see what different size implants will look like on your own body in 3D.  The VECTRA system is also good to visualize other procedures as well.


Good Luck.


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The correct sizing is a measurement which takes into account your breast width, chest width and anatomy, height and weight. The imaging systems are not very accurate and nothing beats experience, judgement and a good pair of eyes

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breast size and type of implant need to be discussed during a consultation to examine the suitability of each for you

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Breast size and type of implant need to be discussed during a consultation to examine the suitability of each for you. Tear shaped implants could be advised depending on your desired shape. As for volume, usually between 300 and 350cc is sufficient for most women’s expectations.

Alberto Di Giuseppe, MBBS
London Plastic Surgeon

Best breast implant size

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There is no easy or right answer to this question. The implant should be the right size for your breast anatomy and the right shape and profile to give you the look you desire. There are many ways to determine cc's. At out office we offer state of the art Vectra 3D imaging. This system takes 6 photos of your body simultaneously and then builds a 3D image of your body. We can then try any size implant on and show you how you will look after surgery. We can even show the results with a bikini or a tank top on your body! The best part is that YOU get to choose which size you want so there is no regret or second guessing after surgery. Find a plastic surgeon in your area that offers Vectra 3D imaging. Best of luck!

The best implant takes a skilled assessment

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Unfortunately the best implant for you will involve more than just the number of  CC's to get things right. Your surgeon will need to know much more about your breast size, nipple position, chest size, breast diameter, height and weight, before the implant volume range is determined.Make sure to show you surgeon how you wish to look, more information than a single cup size.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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No one size fits all

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Unfortunately, without seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in person, there is no way to accurately answer your question. For example, 300 cc's on one person can look extremely different on the next, despite similarities in height and weight. There are a variety of factors that a plastic surgeon uses to determine what number of cc's would work best for a patient such as chest width, nipple placement, active/non-active lifestyle, desired post surgical cup size, etc. Your best bet would be to browse before and after pictures of breast augmentation online and find someone who's before photo looks as similar to you as possible. There's no guarantee they picked the same "after" look you desire, but at the very least it will give you a reference point (i.e. on a similar build to yours, this is what 400 cc's looks like, etc.)

Don't Concentrate On CCs With Augmentation

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There is no good answer for your question.  The most important factor is to select an implant which "fits your breast".  A consultation with a BC plastic surgeon should help you in finding the best implant for your situation.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

How Much to Get to a C cup

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    A C cup can be achieved in most women, but pictures or at least a starting cup size would be helpful to give advice.  A board certified plastic surgeon can examine you and determine the proper size for you.

Breast size

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     As you can imagine, one size does not fit all.  Breast volume is a personal choice that should pretty much be dictated by the patient.  Your plastic surgeon should not chose the size for you.  Of course, there are some limitations that your plastic surgeon should make you aware of.  The issue boils down to how best to communicate your desires to your PS.  I find the most effective method to do this is with the use of external sizers.  You could learn about them at Mentor's web site:  LoveYourLook.com .  I find using them is superior to either using photographs or 3-D computer imaging.

Good Luck


Ary Krau, MD, FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Sizing

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A important part of sizing is to determine what size implant fits your breast dimensions appropriately and what size you wish.  The most important part of a good long lasting augmentation result is to use the correct implants for your breasts, not just the final size you wish.  This is an assessment you and your surgeon should discuss.  

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