Is This Capsular Contracture or Did my Implants Never Drop? (photo)

I am 8 months post op, what is wrong with my left breast? Nipples are still low on both and the left is an oval shape. When I flew the muscle pulls the implants with them. There is no pain and they aren't real hard or anything. Did my implants never drop or do I have cc?

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CC vs. Implant not dropped.

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Thanks for sending the photo. Sometimes you can tell if there is a rather severe contracture if you can see the outline of the implant. I don't see that here, so a diagnosis of capsular contracture would be made if one or both implants feel firmer than they should. If you feel that the implants are soft, there is no contracture. 

Nipple position and shape look quite reasonable to me. The motion of the implants with flexion is expected with implants placed under the pectoral muscle. 


As far as the asymmetry, there is some more fullness in the upper pole of the left breast as compared with the right one. The lighting obscures the lower part of the breast. I don't know if you were symmetric before surgery.


It may be that the left implant is a bit higher than the right, and an evaluation with your surgeon should settle that.


Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Doesn't Look Like A Capsular Contracture

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When a capsular contracture contracts, it contracts upward.  Neither breast shows any sign of capsular contracture although this can best be determined by physical exam.  The left breast being lower would indicate to me that this has less chance of being a capsular contracture.  It appears that the two breasts were different to start out with although I would need to see a pre-operative picture.  The left nipple is a little lower and the left breast is a little lower.  All in all, I think they look pretty good. 

This being said, I highly recommend that you discuss this with your personal plastic surgeon.

Capsular Contracture? or just placed incorrectly?

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Difficult to tell with a better photo or exam. Would also need pre-op pictures. If you are dissatisfied with your current appearance discuss it with your surgeon, if you do not get an acceptable answer I would tell you to seek a second opinion from a Board Certified PS. Good Luck!

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Possible capsular contracture

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Capsules are diagnosed by physical examination so I suggest that you return to your plastic surgeon for evaluation. In terms of the shape of the breasts, without preop photos, it is impossible to say whether this was pre-existing and made more apparent by the implants. Air travel should have absolutely no effect on the implants/musculature.

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