How to Tell if You Have a Cavity? Pain On Front Teeth, 3 Small Black Dots and Dentists Say Nothing is Wrong?

i have a pain in my front teeth from now and then i've been to 2 dentist and they both told me that they are fine... today i had a bit of pain when i ate so i placed a light inside my mouth and i saw three very small black dots in my front tooth, i've just been to a dentist ... and i have an appointment 3 weeks from now to place a crown... i did a treatment plan and i filled all the cavities 2 month ago .. are they cavities ?

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How to tell if you have a Cavity

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Only a dentist can tell if you have a cavity by visual examination as well as X-ray evaluation. A "diagnodent" tool can also be used by the dentist, if he has one. It determines the "density" of the tooth with laser-like light. An area of decay would register as less dense and would sound a loud alarm as well as give a digital read-out. The black dots that you notice could be stain or minor defects in the enamel, which could be treated if they concern you cosmetically. The real question is "why do you have pain on the front teeth?" Keep a diary so that you can report to the dentist exactly under what circumstances you get the pains. Is it when you are chewing food? Hot or cold? Sweet? Whenever your front teeth touch (even without food)?

New York Dentist


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If you have pain, and notice changes on your dentition, you must notify your dentist. Take in consideration going for a second opinion, if the problem is not resolved after seeing your current dentist. Cold, hot, sweet sentivity, with dark, brown or yellow areas are indication of cavities. With xrays and a dental evaluation, you will find the answer.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

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