Cavitation/ultrasound After Liposuction Same Areas. How Should I Time It?

Dear, I have done a liposuction around the abdomen areas. I also want to do cavitation/ultrasound at the same areas (abdomen) after the liposuction. How long (month or weeks) do i have to wait till i can do cavitation/ultrasound around the same areas as the liposuction? Is it also save? Tanks you.

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Ultrasound after liposuction may help

External contouring procedures after liposuction can improve the results of the procedure.  Liposuction causes a lot of swelling and scarring of the subcutaneous tissues.  Anything that would help reduce this swelling quicker should be utilized.  Ultrasound, Endermologie and Velashape would all help.  You can star the treatment after the initial pain has resolved, usually 2-3 weeks post op.

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