Rhinoplasty for Fixing Caved in Nose?

My nose is caved in on the left side. It is hard to breathe and I snore sometimes. Will Rhinoplasty fix my nose?

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Rhinoplasty can fix these problems

If the nose is caved in on the left side, it needs to be fixed and repaired and out-fractured. Attention needs to be directed towards breathing to make sure the breathing is adequate as well. The left upper lateral cartilage is probably also herniated downward and inward into the airway, which creates vestibular stenosis and valve collapse of the left side, creating nasal obstruction. Spreader grafts composed of the patient’s own cartilage from the nose are used to splint out the upper lateral cartilage, and osteotomies will realign the nasal bones and pyramid. Snoring is typically caused by the harmonic vibration of the soft palate and the uvula. Snoring can be made worse by nasal obstruction. Rhinoplasty can fix the nose problems as described above.

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Yes it is possible.

 Rhinoplasty can not only fix the caved in part but also improve your breathing. See a rhinoplasty specialist who is experienced in dealing with these problems.


Toby Mayer, MD
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Yes, Rhinoplasty can

A Rhinoplasty should be able to help you with both how your nose looks and how it functions, both are equally important. Often times the two go hand in hand, sometimes they do not and you should never sacrifice function for cosmetics as in the long run you will not be happy.

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Yes - it will likely help with breathing issues.

The term "Rhinoplasty" literally just means “nose surgery” -- and it covers all types of surgery. A useful way to sub-categorize the operation is to refer to the operation as "functional" (with the aim of the operation to improve breathing) or "aesthetic" (meaning that you want to change the external cosmetic appearance of the nose). Any surgeon doing rhinoplasty surgery should pay attention to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose, as they are closely inter-related.

From your brief question, it is possible that the "caved in" area of your nose is caused by weakness or collapse of the middle vault, causing internal valve problems, or you could have a significant septal deviation making your nose crooked and causing airflow problems. Correcting the external appearance of the nose in either of these instances can be done in such a way as to improve the functional aspects of airflow and make breathing easier. (I don't think it will do anything with your snoring - that tends to be related to issues further back in the air passage.) You should visit with a rhinoplasty surgeon, discuss your aesthetic concerns, and also describe the functional problems you are having with airflow, and see what they say!

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