What is causing these weird nostrils to be asymmetric? (photo)

1. The nostrils seem like they are located at different vertical heights, I have never read about this before, some more information on this please? 2. What is causing the nostrils to be asymmetric, does it look like a septum problem? 3. What is the little thing sticking out from the middle of my nose? 4. Is my dream nose anywhere near possible? Thank you, any answers will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Nasal septal deformity can cause abnormal nostril shape

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the tissue you see projecting into your right nostril is your cartilaginous nasal septum.  Based on the photograph the nasal septumis dislocated out of place and protruding into the nostril.  The most likely have nasal septal deviation that is a crooked nasal septum.  This can be corrected with a nasal septoplasty.  Please consult a very experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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