What is Causing This Weird Dent in the Side of my Nose Near my Tip? (Photo Included)

I noticed this dent within a few days after my cast came off. I am now 4 weeks post op and I see no change in the dent. What are common causes of a dent like this? Are there options to mask or fix it? Is it likely to go away as swelling decreases? I know it is early, but this dent is a bit worrisome. BTW this is my 1st revision and I had rib grafts.

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Weird dent on side of nasal tip

It is too early to say what the small depression is or what caused it.  At 4 weeks after surgery there is always a lot of swelling especially in the nasal tip.  This may completely resolve and if it does not, you shouldn't consider a revision for at least a year and at that time, all it may require is a small cartilage graft or possible injectable Silikon.

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