What is Causing my Uneven Eyes? (photo)

My left eye is little bit higher than the right eye, the problem is when I am tired or didn't have a good sleep, the left eye would be even more higher than the right eye. I feel that the muscle above then left eye is never relaxed, it is always very tense, my left eyebrow is also higher than the right eyebrow. Would the muscle make an eye appear to be higher? When I am not tired and had a good sleep, the left eye sometimes appears to be even. What could be causing this uneven eyes? the muscle?

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What is Causing my Uneven Eyes?

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Three things contribute to upper eyelid position:

  1. Eyebrow position.  The higher, the eyebrow, the less the upper eyelid fullness.
  2. Eyelid Ptosis, or the actual position of the upper eyelid margin on the eye itself.  Ptosis can and does occur on 1 side.
  3. Differing degrees of upper eyelid skin excess.

You should have several consultations with plastic and cosmetic surgeons or occuloplasti surgeons to see which of the factors above apply in your particular case.  Eyelid Surgery and/or Botox are some of the possible solutions.

Uneven eyes

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overactive muscles of the forehead can make the eyelid itself look different. If the forehead muscles on one side are working harder than on the other side, the distance between the eyebrow and eyelashes on that side can be larger and make the eyelid look a different size. I think an examination by a plastic surgeon that can see your eyes and eyebrows both in a static pose and in animation would help determine what would be best.

Asymmetry after blepharoplasty

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Many people have some degree of facial asymmetry which might account for the variation in your eyebrow heights.  This could be addressed with Botox so I recommend that you return to your plastic surgeon with your concerns and see what he recommends.

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