What is causing the hypopigmentation and can it come back? (Photo)

I had a pixel laser procedure and had very bad results. I ended up with scarring and hypopigmentation. I am a Fitz type 3 and had the treatment on my cheeks along my laugh lines. Recently I noticed the edges of my lips hypopigmenting. I know thermal injury can cause this but why is it spreading to my lips and will it come back? It's been 4 months. Please note where the hole is by my lip, this is the area where I had a piercing that I removed. It was right along my lip line that is disappearing.

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Pigment changes after Pixel Laser

Hard to say if the hypopigmentation will improve.  I do see that hyperpigmentation tends to improve with time almost always, but hypopigmentation is difficult to predict.  I would definitely discuss this with your treating physician or nurse.

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