What could be causing the discomfort after a crown? (photo)

Crown has been in place two weeks and I have had pain since it was put on. When placed, there was extreme pressure to an adjacent tooth and gum. I can fit floss through now though. Had gum ittiation and cement was found. A week later, my gums aroud the crown, between two teeth, and by the adjacent tooth hurts, the adjacent tooth is sore. It feels like something is digging into my tooth pocket, especially when I bite. What could be the problem? Could it be the metal ring not fitting properly?

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High occlusion

Go back to your dentist and have him or her adjust your bite. It is very common for the "bite" (how your teeth fit together) to be off after new dental work. During the procedure your mouth has been open for an hour, your jaw or part of your jaw has been put to sleep and during chewing your jaw can move in many directions. Once it is adjusted it will feel like it disappears!  

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Causes of discomfort with crown?

As seen on your picture, that crown does not fit properly. An excess of cement can create a gum recession that is being a retaining factor for food debris, thats why you can see that black line between the crown and the gum and you feel that everything get inside there when you eat.

The solution in your case would be a new crown, maybe 100% porcelain (metal free) with a proper anatomy and oclussion.

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